What is a PartyBook?

A fundraising tool that brings your organization's community together while bringing in much needed revenue. We've created an easy to use online program so you can manage your fundraising parties. The parents, teachers, and/or members of your organization volunteer to host a party and our system helps you sell and manage it. The members of the community then get to shop for the parties that interest them, add them to a cart, and checkout/pay for their parties. Both the hosts and the attendees get to write off the money spent, and the funds received go to the organization.

How does the OnlinePartyBook help?

Each party has a theme (such as "Tacos and Tequila" or "Mother/Daughter Barbie Party"), a venue/location, and a date/time. In addition, the host specifies a capacity for their party - the maximum number of guests they can accommodate. The PartyBook chairs take all of this information, add a compelling description, and choose a price to attend each party. The site can be set to launch on a specific date and time. Attendees register themselves and their payment information into the site. The OnlinePartyBook lets the attendee search for party by price, category, grade level, or by keyword. If the PartyBook chairs wish, shoppers can see who else is going to a party, and if a party is full allow people to sign up for a waitlist. Then, as each party's date approaches, the attendees are reminded by email and/or text to attend, and the hosts are reminded of who will be attending their party. The site will essentially run itself once launched, bringing in revenue for the organization and providing an exciting way for the community to get together in new and interesting ways.